How to stop eating sweets

How to stop eating sweets

It is difficult but possible to give up desserts and cakes.

Why do we love sweets

Sweets are a source of energy and nature determines love for them. The ancestors of modern humans had to run for food, not to the nearest hypermarket. Hunting and gathering is a difficult and laborious undertaking.

Food enjoyment is one of the mechanisms that allows the body to deal more positively with food. Accordingly, the more calories in a product and the easier it is to break down into components for the body’s cells to absorb, the more we like it.

How much sugar can you eat

WHO recommends WHO to encourage countries to reduce sugar consumption in adults and children / WHO to reduce sugar consumption to 10% of the total energy value of the diet. WHO states that this reduces the risk of being overweight and tooth decay. Experts say reducing sugar intake to 5% of daily calories will provide additional health benefits.

How much sugar can you eat

For this reason, a thirty-year-old, sedentary man with a height of 180 cm and a weight of 70 kg should consume no more than 60 g of sugar per day. Currently, according to statistics, the average Russian person consumes 39 kg of sugar per year, or about 109 g per day.

How to limit yourself in sweets

1. Add complex carbohydrates to your diet

Sweets are quickly broken down into simple sugars in the body, forcing you to look for new sources of energy. Some ice cream will eventually turn into regular sugar, but the process takes longer, so you’ll stay full longer.

2. Reduce your sugar intake gradually

Instead of three refined sugar cubes, add two, then add one to the tea. Don’t look for the second candy. Share half the cake with a friend or the other half. You enjoy the sweetness, but you consume half the sugar

3. Make sweets meaningful

Do not eat ice cream while running and do not eat candy in front of the computer. So you still won’t get the full enjoyment, but eat a serving of sugar.

4. Refuse the rituals associated with eating sweets

Do not eat ice cream while running and do not eat candy in front of the computer. So you still don’t get the full flavor that comes with servings of sugar.

5. Don’t reward yourself with sweets

This creates an unhealthy connection. First you complete an important project and buy a cake. Then, while you associate dessert with success and joy, you start eating the cake in moments of stress. Pamper yourself with things you can’t eat or save sweets in the piggy bank.

Don't reward yourself with sweets

6. Think of ways to distract yourself from sugar cravings

For example, you can sit 50 times or repeat 10 words of a foreign language. After a physical or mental effort, you may no longer want to eat sugar.

7. Drink water instead of sugary drinks

A can of cola contains 39 grams of sugar, more than half the daily value for an average person. And in a glass of orange juice – 33 g.

8. Start reading labels

Sugar is found in many foods that you might not expect. For example, we are talking about muesli, a sweet cereal that does not require cooking, ketchup. Replace them with sugar-free varieties.

9. Maintain a feeling of satiety

It’s easier to control what you eat as long as you’re not very hungry.

10. Make your own desserts

In this case, you can control their softness. Just put less sugar in the cake than the recipe calls for.

Make your own desserts

11. Take Vitamins with Chromium

Some studies have shown that chromium picolinate can reduce carbohydrate cravings. If you decide to try it, consult your doctor as a precaution.

This willpower and these tips will help you beat your sugar cravings. Stick to your goals and your body will thank you.