Big Benefits of Little Workouts

Big Benefits of Little Workouts

Even small exercises of 10 minutes each can give a noticeable result, and at the same time they are easy to incorporate into any program.

  • The right approach to short workouts helps improve health and well-being
  • Choose challenging exercises and make the most of your time
  • And fast workouts can be a good stress reliever
Big Benefits of Little Workouts

You don’t have to train for an hour to get results. A growing number of experts claim that a few short workouts throughout the day (called “workout snacks”) can also help you reach your goals, and that’s great news for anyone who has. need a little (or a lot) more. program.

This “snack” includes any short workout – from a workout to several quick exercises, but normal movements do not apply to them. That’s why running up the stairs is important, but running without an elevator doesn’t count.

Until recently, official exercise guidelines in some countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, called for at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week, with each exercise lasting at least 10 minutes, regardless of or its intensity. However, thanks to new data where even very short sessions are effective, the ten-minute rule no longer applies.

“We found no evidence that exercise should be done for at least 10 minutes. “By spreading exercise throughout the day, we still reap the health benefits,” says William E. Kraus , director of transition to clinical practice at the Duke University Center for Psychology, who studies the long-term effects of short-term exercise.

Why the type of exercise matters

When it comes to cardio training, short workouts probably can’t replace a full workout. Research shows that aerobic fitness requires consistent exercise, and even three 10-minute sets a day isn’t enough. “If recovery times are too long, heart rate increases significantly, but also decreases relatively quickly,” says Martin Gibala, a professor at McMaster University in Ontario who led the study. “Short cardio workouts won’t do you much good.”

Although short workouts aren’t good for cardiovascular health, research shows that “workout snacks” can build muscle and improve long-term health. New Zealand researchers found that a six-minute workout before a meal helped control blood sugar more effectively than a 30-minute workout. This may be because short bursts of intense exercise better regulate insulin sensitivity.

And a study from the University of Mississippi found that lifting very heavy weights in a small number of sets (e.g., one set of max weight) is no less beneficial for increasing strength than four sets of 8 to 12. repetitions. In both cases, although the nature of the muscles is different. the same.

“When it comes to resistance exercise, a snack like this can be just as beneficial as a full workout,” says Martin. She even used this method to stay in shape when she couldn’t go to the gym. If the total load is no different, intense physical activity and exercise divided into several sets throughout the day can be equally useful in increasing strength.

Why the type of exercise matters

How to keep fit with short workouts

You need to choose your most effective exercise program to strengthen or keep your muscles normal. According to Nike coach Joe Holder, a fan of “practice snacks,” there are two things to keep in mind.

First, you need to exercise harder during short workouts than during long workouts. You will be activated by the quick bets that are essential for strength and speed exercises such as sprinting, jumping and Olympic weightlifting. According to Martin, this task will allow you to quickly recover from the stress caused by long training.

“For example, you’re going to do three sets of 10 push-ups, but for some reason you can’t get to the gym. Do the set. Another way to increase energy is to slow down repetitions to increase tension. Slower work strengthens muscles.

How to keep fit with short workouts

Second, do complex exercises such as running on high knees, spider-like push-ups, and push-ups (squat, bench press). These exercises focus on many muscle groups, making your mini-exercises more effective.

Cherry on the cake

Snacks don’t produce the same endorphin flow as long workouts, but Joe is convinced that short workouts have another big benefit that can change your mind. “Small good habits are very helpful in relieving stress,” he said. For him, this means following a positive habit as soon as he wakes up. “I do my best every day to have a good day,” he said. It also starts with a five minute move.