4 effective exercises for beautiful buttocks

When done correctly, they help tighten the muscles and fully tighten the buttocks.

If you want to have a nice buttocks and trunk that are already tired, it’s time to change your exercise plan. We have developed four non-exercise options for your flexible thighs.

Straight Leg Pull

During this exercise, the main movement takes place in the hip joint. We do this by bending, not bending.


  • The starting position – standing with straight legs. If there is not enough load, add dumbbells or bars
  • As you breathe in, bend your hips down. The pelvis is pulled back
  • As we breathe, we return to our original position. Lifting is caused by the leg muscles
  • The muscles of the back of the thighs and buttocks contract as they rise. It is wrong to exercise your back
Straight Leg Pull

Stepping on the pedestal

When looking for a platform, do not chase the height. The cabinet should be below the level of the knee joint.


  • Put one foot on the board. Do not touch nearby objects
  • We step on the podium. Note: Lifting from the floor depends on the foot on the platform, not on the other foot leaving the floor.
  • We stretch along the length, we use the gluteal muscles
  • Descends to the starting position
Stepping on the pedestal

Shoulder bridge


  • The starting position – lying on your back
  • As you exhale, pull your hips off the floor. Body support stays on the shoulders and legs
  • We descend to the starting position
Shoulder bridge

When tearing off the pelvis, it is important to feel the work of the gluteal muscles.

Half squat steps

This is a dynamic static exercise. If we want, we can do it with a fitness bike.


  • We bend our knees and lower ourselves
  • We maintain the position of the spine and do not loosen it, do not go around the spine
  • Take a few steps in the same direction then return
  • You can alternate one on the right then the other on the left

With regular training and proper exercise, these results will not come soon.